All About Me

A 17 year old writing about thoughts that come to her at 2 am while a record plays almost silently in the background. Sounds like an indie movie right? Yeah, I wish my life was like an indie movie. Instead I’m a junior in High School stressing about my future. But this is my outlet. Everything I write about on here started as a small idea that I wrote about in my journal, or was inspired by someone awesome. I’m in love with writing about people and about anything that could possibly seem interesting. You may also wanna know about the girl behind the writing, right? hm…maybe not? But I’ll tell you anyways. I love Disney, It’s seriously a big part of who I am. I listen to all sorts of music but my favorite artists are: The Lumineers, Drake, Tame Impala, HAMILTON!!!, The 1975, Hozier, and so many others. Reading is something I love to do, but rarely have time to do. Very unfortunate. I also love to film and edit videos. I find it so fascinating when people are able to create art through a video. And sometimes, I try to do that myself. Same goes for taking photos. You can basically find me with some kind of camera very often. Alright, I’m getting bored with writing about myself, haha. I’m sure you’ll be able to find out more about me through my writing.

You can also check me out on pinterest, instagram, and tumblr! The links are on the home page!!

Thanks for taking time to read about me and I hope you enjoy at least one of my posts lol.

Xoxo, Julia

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