My 2017 Summer To Do List.

Usually I make a summer bucket list, but those bucket list usually ended up being filled with very unrealistic ideas for someone who can’t drive lol. So, this year I decided to try out making a summer to do list, filled with all the small and big things I’d like to do before the summer ends. Since yesterday was the first day of summer, I’ve decided to share it with you all.


» Finish Watching Gilmore girls. – I started this during the school year. Big mistake. So now it’s my goal to finish it all so I can finally talk to my sister in law about it!!

» Become blog focused. – Well, I’m kindaaa starting to do this…

» Visit colleges. – Super big thing considering I’ll be a senior this coming fall. Scary stuff!!

» Journal everyday…actually do this. – I’M TRYING. I’ll get better as the summer goes on.

» Make fun videos with my friends. – Yes, yes, YES. I’m super excited for this. Maybeee I’ll share them one day…

» Learn how to drive. – Very embarrassing that I’m 17 and don’t know how to drive. I’m working on it.

» Read at least one book a month. – I can finally read the books of my choice!! YAY!

» Take a toooon of pictures. – I’m excited for this one. So is my camera.

» Go to more baseball games. – GO DODGERS!

» Reach season 3 of Jane the virgin. – I DID IT! That one was easy lol. Now I just gotta finish season 3 so I can be all caught up.

» Watch a ton of movies. – For example: Casablanca, Singing In The Rain, West Side Story, An American Paris, Funny Face, Sabrina, and rewatch La La Land a lot.

» Take studio tours. – For example: Disney Studios and the Warner Bros. Studio (gotta visit the La La Land set lol)

» Go to Universal Studios. – I haven’t been here since I was in 6th grade!! I’d love to visit again.

» Redecorate my room. – My mom and I are pretty excited for this one!!

And that’s it for now. I’ll probably end up adding more with weeks to come. I’ll be sure to make an updated post at the end of summer to let you know if I completed any of these lol.

Until next time!

Xoxo, Julia.


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